How AV Studio works

Step 1: Needs Assessment and Proposal Generation

Understanding Your Requirements and Crafting a Detailed Proposal

We begin by comprehensively assessing your studio needs through our AI-powered survey. Based on your responses, we generate a detailed proposal encompassing the bill of materials, installation plan, diagrams, terms, conditions, and an invoice.

Step 2: Proposal Approval

Finalizing Agreement for Seamless Implementation

Upon your review and approval of the proposal, the agreement is solidified through the signing of the invoice. This marks the pivotal point where we move forward to fulfill your studio solution requirements.

Step 3: Order Fulfillment and Installation

Efficient Fulfillment and Client-Led Installation

Once the agreement is finalized, we swiftly proceed to fulfill the entire order, bundling all recommended equipment for prompt shipment to your location. You, as the client, lead the installation process, guided by our comprehensive support and expertise to ensure a seamless setup and interoperability.